Friday, 1 June 2018

4 benefits of URL SHORTENER

URL shorteners are latest trend in the fields of Internet Marketing. Although the concept got introduced in 2002, yet, its use has skyrocketed in last couple of years. Many websites cater this service of shortening links or URLs. Link or URL is the locator which redirects or allows access to any particular website or part of a domain. Many a time we refer them as web address.

Every product or service prevalent in the industry has both merit and limitations part. URL Shortener is not any exception for this rule. But irrespective of the few shortcomings, these Link Shorteners are having the following benefits-

1. Long links are easy to manage:
Search Engine Optimization is the process which determines your availability level in search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. To make links SEO-friendly, many individuals or organisation create links which are long and wordy. Sometimes long links are kept to reveal the identity and meaning of the sender or the website. Although long URLs help is disclosing the content of the destination site, yet their lengthy property makes them difficult to be shared. URL shorteners makes these long links manageable and you can easily share them on web, emails and social media platforms.

2. Tracking and compiling click data gets easier:
Data is the greatest identity nowadays as far as online business is related. They can be data of visitors, customers or clients who shows interest in your product or service. Once you are able to track and compile data effectively, you get automatic boost in your business. URL Shortener helps in this feature. Many online platform provides this service and you can reconcile your data by categorising them with the particular shortlink you used. These data helps you to track the source, geographic link and genre of the visitor of your link.

3. You can transform them to social media services:
Social media is the greatest platform for displaying the feasibility of your product or service. Long URL makes it a bit hefty to be shared. It looks unprofessional and bulky. Using URL Shorteners you can evade this issue. You can share multiple URLs in one post or tweet. Short URLs can be aggregated and uniquely coupled to fetch innovative social media contents. This leads to creative mashup and presentation patterns over social media platform.

4. They improve the browsing experience:
URL Shorteners not only facilitates in sharing of long links but they also helps other users to view the number of visits registered in the destination site. This feature allows the user to know about the popularity of the link they are visiting. This helps them to compare various parameters required to decide any particular product or service. The preview feature of URL Shortener also makes it attractive and user friendly. Innovative CSS effects coupled with these shortlinks helps users to view brief description of the sender website just by hovering the mouse pointer over it.

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