Saturday, 31 March 2018

Why Do You Need A Url Shortener?

Do you know what a URL shortener is? It is a new technique to shorten the length of a Uniform Resource Locator without affecting the source page. It will not at all harm the search of the user. You need not type long URLs as before and can easily enter into the desired page. It can be easily achieved by using an HTTP redirect along with a domain name that is short in size.

Why Go With Secure Url Shortener?

You must be wondering the reason of high popularity for shortening of URL. Day by day, technology is reaching at its own heights finally resulting advent of social media sites like Facebook and all. With the help of secure URL shortener you can include longer messages along with the URL.
Shortening of the URL will also permit the originating web address to be a disguised one. In terms of positive aspect, this entire process will make the address look highly presentable. As random characters will be removed, you may expect to get high relief from all sorts of hurdles. There are times when long URLs become difficult in terms of reading.

Url Shortener – Making Url Readable

The technique of shortening of the URL will save you from such hurdles followed by preventing you from committing blunders at the time of entering the name of URLs. URL shortener makes URLs much more readable. In maximum cases, it becomes easy to format the URL with a description of own choice.  

Making a URL short in terms of size holds numerous benefits from marketing point of view. It is really very much easy to remember short sized URL that a long sized one. Also, a URL shortener system will let you judge the total number of times a particular URL has been clicked upon. It is easy to track the statistics in an easy manner.

Saturday, 3 March 2018

Why Short Url Is Useful And Best For Link Submission?

There are several website available who convert long url into the short url. Suppose, if you have 100 characters long keyword, using that website, you can able to short it easily. And the character will be 20 approx only. Since 2002, secure url shortener available in the market. You can choose any one as per your requirement.  Presently, for SEO or digital media, this type of short url is very important. There are several places like social media or any other directory or advertisement, where short url is needed.

How to use website to make short url?

Well, the process is very simple and easy as well. You just need to search the net and choose a best website that shortens the long url links. After that, copy the link you want to short and then paste it in a particular column. Check the url shortener tool properly to know more details. Once you paste it, just click the link and the url automatically shorten instantly. Now, after that, you can use those links for different purposes. It’s a best way to convert different types of long link into short links easily.

How to choose the best url shortner?

Due to the tough competition in the market, there are lots of websites who offer this service. But always choose a website who offers security along with service. Basically, those are free service websites and their main focus will be generating more and more traffic. So, they are offering this service absolutely free. Always check their details website and terms and condition before paste the URL. If you want to submit short URL in different social media accounts, then you can choose these url short link service providers and make as much as possible short links easily.