Tuesday, 27 December 2016


Benefits of using a link shortener

All members of the current generation understand the predicament of trying to write a bibliography based on the links that have been printed out on their research work. These links tend to be lengthy and impossible to write out as a relevant source of information. Most students simply write out the main page of the content and think that is sufficient. This is just a mild issue faced by most people having to figure a way around extended links.
To combat this problem, there are many companies available online to fix this problem instantaneously. Even more people are opting for this because of the various benefits available.
Benefits of link shortener
1.      Social Media:
Social media marketing is all about small bites of interesting information being passed along from one sphere to another, spreading the word and creating awareness. This is difficult to do with long URL’s especially on sites that restrict the number of characters that can be used, like Twitter. Being able to shorten url makes things much simpler.

2.      Promotes Sharing:
By way of being able to link pages to your status or send a link to someone, it enables ease of sharing information. This ability to share things means news and important information can be circulated at a much quicker pace. Web content is the main source of information so being able to send it to someone without using a URL that is a whole page is useful.

3.      Useful Features:  
By accessing a program to make long url short, a user has access to many other features as well. They can keep a track of the number of views, hits and comments a particular page or post receives. This is definitely useful for compiling and calibrating information without the added hassle.
You can access the best url shortener online without even having to download anything.

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